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Machinery Operators/Farm Hands – Cherylton

May 22, 2024

We are currently seeking 2 Machinery Operators/Farm Hands to join our Cherylton aggregation. Cherylon is located in Kojonup, WA and consists of both cropping and livestock enterprises.

The Machinery Operator/ Livestock Farm Hand is responsible for the day to day duties on the farm and will work closely with the Farm Management Team.

The position involves performing duties and carrying out work in areas such as: Using farm machinery not stopping at planting/sowing, spraying, spreading, harvesting and transporting grain/hay to the destinations, Shearing, Crutching, Lamb marking, Feeding, Sowing pasture & Crop, hay forage & grain harvest and complete some maintenance of farm structures and equipment.

Experience in agriculture or broad acre farming and machinery also including large scale livestock business is critical to performance in the position. Mechanical and computer skills are important as the position involves servicing and maintaining machines with computer systems and reporting activities electronically.

A good understanding of health and safety requirements and managerial skills covering leadership, problem solving, good written and verbal communication, and planning are also important. 

For more information please call – Tom Carah 0438 378 051 or apply via seek using the link above.

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